WayWyser Platform

No more paper trails

WayWyser is a low-cost mobile GIS app and management system that makes it easier to manage your environment without the need for physical maps or paper notes.

The system captures everything in one place, including citizen and volunteer reports as well as IoT sensors, so reporting is easier. 

WayWyser gives trail managers a better understanding of the current state of their walkways and helps them to prioritise the most important areas to fix. Best of all, it provides documented proof that trails are monitored and maintained regularly.

What is WayWyser? Understand WayWyser analytics and view a collection of surveys at once on a map of the area you are inspecting

Let us help you achieve your monitoring and management goals.

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We’ve already successfully trialled WayWyser with 12 out of 13 rural recreation officers in Ireland who are rolling it out on their trails.

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Landowners in the MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP agri-environmental project are surveying walkers with WayWyser.

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Forum Connemara EIP is using WayWyser to monitor and record invasive species.