Waywyser App

What is WayWyser? Understand WayWyser analytics and view a collection of surveys at once on a map of the area you are inspecting

Empower your field work with the unmatched efficiency of WayWyser, the leading solution in field data collection tailored for public safety and environmental management. Experience the rapid and efficient management of field issues such as trail damage, missing signs, and flooding. Ideal for professionals prioritizing effective and accurate field documentation, WayWyser is designed to streamline your field operations.

In areas with limited internet connectivity, WayWyser ensures continuous operation, making it the perfect GIS mobile app for users requiring robust offline capabilities. Stay connected and operational, even in the most challenging environments, with our reliable offline maps.

WayWyser also offers advanced mapping features for comprehensive field analysis. With innovative map overlays and detailed attribute display, combine various geographical data layers for an in-depth understanding of your terrain. Designed for users seeking a comprehensive GIS mapping experience, WayWyser enables detailed attribute visualization with ease, your ability to analyse and interpret field data effectively. Experience a unique blend of digital and traditional mapping techniques with WayWyser.

Ideal for those who value the synergy of conventional and modern mapping methods, our app offers a hybrid mapping solution, integrating geo-referenced local paper maps with digital technology. This approach is perfect for forward-thinking professionals seeking versatile and dynamic mapping capabilities.

Tailored for optimal field performance, WayWyser is meticulously crafted for operations in challenging environments. Equipped with features like offline map access, precise GPS tracking, and advanced mapping tools, WayWyser is the go-to app for experts in environmental management, public safety, and infrastructure services, ensuring you always have the tools you need to succeed in the field.

Transform your approach to field data management with WayWyser, a leader in mobile GIS applications. with our innovative app, experiencing the future of field operations management with the technology and tools that make a difference.