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WayWyser is a full outdoor recreational management platform, suitable for a variety of different settings from maintaining tracks and trails, forest and parkland, lakelands and waterways, or to ensuring biodiversity and sustainability in wildlife areas. 

The system is suitable for managers of tracks and trails, outdoor recreation areas, geoparks, agricultural land, waterways and more. 

Manage trails with the WayWyser app. This app is available for Android and iOS ( WayWyser Android & WayWyser iOS )

Walking Trails

Today, monitoring tracks, trails and walkways is a time-consuming, manual, paper-based process. WayWyser changes all that. The system records any issues and stores them all in one place, so you can log issues faster, assign repairs, check the task is completed, and produce documented photographic proof of the work. 

Surveys and photos can be saved and the location they were completed in are displayed on the map

Forest and Parkland

Detailed maps and the ability to upload photos mean that WayWyser is suited both to densely wooded areas and wide open spaces. It can track issues with infrastructure ranging from stiles and bridges to gates and boardwalks.

Manage agricultural land using WayWyser maps and mobile GIS

Agricultural Land

Farmers whose land includes walking trails can use WayWyser to maintain and enhance the routes. They can use the system’s reporting features to apply for social supports or other public funding.

Manage many locations through WayWyser's GPS field data collection app and portal

Lakelands and Water

WayWyser is integrated with leading GIS systems, so its up-to-date maps show detailed wetlands delineation, waterways, and trails located near rivers.

There are waywyser online maps, however maps can be downloaded an accessed when data is not available


Because WayWyser improves visibility of large areas, you can manage the land effectively and ensure sustainability by measuring the impact of trail activity, avoiding the risk of overtourism. When it’s combined with passive IoT sensors, it’s ideally suited to traffic monitoring and checking visitor numbers.

WayWyser can be used to manage species, populations and invasive species, to ensure biodiversity


WayWyser’s geolocation feature lets you check the environment for invasive species. Its up-to-date record keeping gives you accurate information so you can easily track its growth over time, even across large areas as diverse as peat bogs, parks or wildlife land.

Mobile GIS App & Management System - WayWyser Platform

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